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We combine fresh, wholesome ingredients and Italian technique with the bold, brash appeal of American style to create our unique flavors.

Everything in our case, from the brownies in our Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownie to the caramel in our Sea Salt Caramel, is made from scratch. And while we love making traditional Italian flavors like Stracciatella and Pistachio, we get most of our inspiration from American cakes, desserts, cookies and penny candy: Banana Pudding. Malted Milk Ball. Gingersnap Cookie. We’re always looking to add something new to the lineup, so write us and let us know what flavor you’d like us to develop. If it makes it to our gelato case, we’ll donate 5 percent of its monthly sales to a local school or women’s shelter of your choice.

Now about our ingredients: We use seasonal fruits from local farms whenever possible. We preserve our fruits for our “variegates,” the Italian word for “add-ins.” That’s why you won’t see strawberry on our menu in October, or pumpkin cheesecake in April.  We use fresh, local milk and cream whenever possible and pasteurize our products on the premises.

We import our nut pastes from two special regions in Italy: Our pistachios come from Bronte, Sicily, and our hazelnuts are from Piedmont, an area renowned for its hazelnuts. We believe in flavor first and above all, and these nut pastes are the best we have found for making gelato.

Bold American style; Italian technique and tradition - these principles are at the heart of all we do.