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Which came first? Which is better? Is gelato less fattening than ice cream? Why is gelato so soft and creamy?

The Italian tradition of making gelato is long and heralded, and believe us when we tell you – they take it very seriously. Is it better than ice cream? We’ll leave that to you. But there are a few differences of note. First, gelato uses less cream than ice cream, and slightly less sugar.  It is very delicately balanced. Second – and perhaps most important – gelato has less overrun. This means that the amount of air that’s pumped into the gelato as it spins and freezes in our small-batch Cattabriga freezer is considerably less than that of ice cream. These are the reasons our gelato can stay softer in our freezer than an ice cream would. And the reason it tastes so smooth!

Italian technique, bold American style. It’s the best Italian-American combo since the Spaghetti Western!